Martin Fisher Foundation

Working together TOWARDS ZERO HIV in Brighton & Hove

Martin Fisher Foundation

Working together TOWARDS ZERO HIV


Martin Fisher Foundation

Working together TOWARDS ZERO HIV

Towards Zero - Our Progress!

Great news! By the end of 2020 we helped achieve:

94% of people living with HIV in Brighton and Hove knowing their status

99% of people being on effective treatment

99% of people with HIV on treatment being unable to pass the infection on to others due to untraceable levels of virus in the blood stream

The Martin Fisher Foundation was founded in 2015 to take forward the work of Professor Martin Fisher. We continue to promote Martin’s ethos of treating people living with HIV with dignity, compassion and respect, and are developing new strategies for effective HIV prevention, treatment and care.


We are working together towards ZERO new HIV infections, ZERO HIV-related deaths, and ZERO HIV stigma in Brighton & Hove. We have a unique opportunity to eliminate new HIV cases within the next generation. We know around 1:10 people with HIV are unaware of their infection and may be unknowingly passing on the infection to others.

If we can increase HIV testing across the city and reach the undiagnosed proportion, then they can start effective treatment which will completely suppress the virus. Once suppressed, or undetectable, the virus is untransmittable.

Undetectable equals untransmittable U=U.

By simultaneously improving access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a tablet people at risk can take to prevent HIV acquisition (a bit like contraception to prevent pregnancy), we aim to move TOWARDS ZERO new infections.

And by improving knowledge around HIV and ensuring the whole population has up-to-date information we also hope to move TOWARDS Zero HIV-stigma.  Together we CAN make a difference - help us in our cause by donating today!

News & Updates

The Martin Fisher Foundation bus designs. Inside panels

The Martin Fisher Foundation Bus Launch!

24 July 2019

We are delighted that the Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company will be naming one of their buses after Professor Martin Fisher, an outstanding leader in the field of … Read more

U=U Pride 2019 the Martin Fisher team

So what have the Martin Fisher Foundation team been up to recently?

04 July 2019

Well…. Alan took down his net lace curtains and found some paint sprays. Off to Gill’s for her expertise with a sewing machine and then Julia and Sarah working wonders … Read more

Published paper on the evaluation of the Digital Vending Machines

25 June 2019

We have published a study in the prestigious BMJ STI journal describing the development and evaluation of an innovative intervention to improve HIV testing using digital vending machines to deliver … Read more

The Martin Fisher Foundation fundraise at the Run2music Event Brighton 11th May 2019.

We did it! Supporting The Martin Fisher Foundation at the Run2music Event Brighton 11th May 2019.

13 May 2019

Over 20 runners raised money for The Martin Fisher Foundation on Saturday 11th May 2019 at the Brighton Run2Music event. Well done and thank you to our runners and supporters. … Read more

Run2Music fundraising event 11th May Brighton Maderia Drive

07 May 2019

We have about 20 runners at this event fundraising for The Martin Fisher Foundation to help the charity move forward with its goal of ZERO HIV transmission and therefore NO … Read more

1985 film screening The Martin Fisher Foundation

Charity screening of the powerful film 1985

07 May 2019

This event was organised by Alan Spink and Ash Kotak on behalf of The Martin Fisher Foundation and AIDSMemoryUK on Friday 12th April at the Sallis Benney Theatre in Brighton. … Read more