Become a Co-op member and help us raise funds!

A Chosen Charity: The Martin Fisher Foundation charity has been selected by the Coop Local Community Fund as one of three local charities that Coop members can raise money for from October 2020 until October 2021.   How does it work? You need to be a Coop member: and select the Martin Fisher Foundation … Read more

World Aids Day 2020

For World AIDS Day 2020, being unable to meet together in person in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, local HIV organisations from across Brighton & Hove as well as key stakeholders recorded these videos to share their messages of remembrance and hope, all are available on our YouTube channel for you.  

Just released the HIV Commission Report

We welcome and embrace the important findings of the HIV Commission Report which supports so many of our own aims and objectives. From opt-out HIV testing in healthcare settings, to training for the entire healthcare workforce to address HIV stigma and improve knowledge of indicator conditions, we support all twenty recommendations. #0HIVby30  

Screening Rough Sleepers Research update

In June 2020 as a result of the first CoVid Lockdown a partnership between the Brighton-based HIV charity, The Martin Fisher Foundation and not for profit organisation EmERGE mHealth Ltd, saw the launch of a hepatitis and HIV screening programme (BBV) for temporarily housed rough sleepers in Brighton & Hove. Outreach workers from Brighton & Sussex … Read more

Our Patron speaks with GScene

Baroness Joyce Gould “Fighting HIV Stigma in an Ageing Population” Read the article here  

Mobile HIV Vending Machine

The mobile vending machine was launched in March 2019 and distributed free HIV self tests at the 3rd B-Right-On LGBT Community Festival. This is a free standing machine that automatically connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and can be taken to any events and venues providing there is an electrical source. The mobile stand weighs … Read more

Evolution of our HIV Digital Vending Machines

The next step in the development of the HIV Digital Vending Machines is their re-purposing into Sexual Health Digital Vending Machines. As part of the COVID-19 response Brighton and Sussex Universities Hospital NHS Trust has given us financial support to achieve this. Machines that were housed at the Rainbow Hub, Subline and the Marlborough have … Read more

The EmERGE project comes to fruition

One of Martin’s many projects was the vision of a digital health platform and in 2015 the EmERGE project was started under a five year HORIZON 2020 funded project Conceived by Professor Martin Fisher and completed by the EmERGE team who are proud to have brought it to fruition in his memory. The team … Read more

Blood borne viruses (BBV) screening for rough sleepers during Covid-19 pandemic

The Martin Fisher Foundation rough sleepers BBV research

On Monday 22nd June 2020 a partnership between the Brighton-based HIV charity, The Martin Fisher Foundation and not for profit organisation EmERGE M-Health Ltd, saw the launch of a Hepatitis and HIV screening programme for all temporarily housed rough sleepers (about 200 of them) in Brighton & Hove. Outreach workers from Brighton & Sussex University … Read more