2nd UK & Ireland Fast Track City Conference November 2020

This conference was brilliantly put together and hosted by IAPAC (International Association of Providers of AIDS Care) and made possible with sponsorship from Gilead.

We had hoped to meet together in Bristol, but never-the-less had a very productive 1½ day Zoom meeting enabling all the UK and Ireland Fast Track Cities to share experience and ideas. It was clear that Covid-19 had presented us all with significant challenges, and in many cases slowed progress, but we also heard of many silver linings and opportunities to introduce innovative practice. Dr Gillian Dean as part of the Workshop Steering Committee spoke about the first Fast Track City our own Brighton and Hove!

We had a great HIV update session from Public Health England on the latest HIV report which shows a further 10% reduction in new HIV diagnoses by the end of 2019, and 34% since 2014. We also had a fantastic session on how to keep HIV testing and prevention on the political agenda, and it was wonderful to plan how we can work more closely together in the future – as the saying goes, “it’s always good to talk”!