Update on the Martin Fisher Foundation EmERGE Digital Project!

EmERGE mHealth Limited is a not-for-profit company formed to deliver a sustainable patient-clinic communication tool in the treatment and care of people living with HIV following a successful five year European Union funded Horizon 2020 research project (Grant No. 643736).

The EmERGE project enabled HIV clinicians and people who live with HIV to co-design a web-based virtual clinic and mobile phone application to empower individuals.

The mHealth service developed by the project has created an effective care pathway through which people living with HIV have improved access to their medical information and are able to reduce face to face visits where appropriate; allowing clinics to manage capacity more effectively. It was implemented at five clinical sites in Europe during 2017 and has been used since then by 2250 individuals as part of an evaluation study.

The EmERGE project was conceived by the late Professor Martin Fisher whose vision it was to bring partners together to co-design, develop and deliver a novel model of service delivery embracing this digital health intervention for the benefit of patients and clinics. Following the untimely death of Martin the project has been brought to fruition by Doctor Jennifer Whetham who worked closely with Martin.

After the five years of work from the EmERGE project consortium, we are committed to responsibly ensuring that the public funding & the efforts of all partners can continue bring benefit to people living with HIV and their clinics, working in partnership with stakeholders to achieve this.

Our strategic business plan outlines the ambitions, goals and objectives necessary to expand the offer of the platform developed under EU project funding and guidance.  It aims to demonstrate the sustainability, value generation, revenue generation and societal benefits of the project within a not-for-profit context.