Community Involvement and Peer Support

Social value of being a Fast Track City

“Active involvement of the local third sector has been central to strategic planning, delivery and development of outputs, as well as reaching out to local residents. Participant organisations are wide ranging, including those led and delivered by, or expressly supporting PWHIV.

Organisations of differing sizes and structures have become involved, many newly engaged for the first time. As a consequence of this involvement, many organisations have made new connections, developed closer working relationships, shared learning and insight, laid the foundations for new and future opportunities, and strengthened cross sector working. This has benefited Fast Track City strategy together with positive impact on participant organisations core work, diversity and inclusion, cohesion and resilience of the sector.

Several new employment opportunities have been created where funding has been available external to Fast Track City resources. Over 1120 volunteering hours have been given during the year towards planning and delivering Fast Track City activities. New volunteering roles have been created, involving and empowering PWHIV and the wider community. New and additional voluntary activity has been undertaken by individuals, community groups and local charities, many of these small and micro organisations, who have now incorporated greater awareness of HIV and Fast Track City strategy into their mission.
PWHIV voice and representation has been increased, together with a significant growth in understanding and reach of intersectionality. PWHIV voice and representation has given opportunity to influence wide- ranging local policy. With clear messaging and greater alignment of HIV and other organisations towards strategic goals, there has been sustainable expansion of HIV community engagement within the voluntary sector, increased testing to unreached groups, raised HIV awareness, reduced HIV stigma; and improved societal, social and health outcomes for PLWHIV”.

Gary Pargeter
Community Works HIV representative Service Manager of Lunch Positive. Taken from the 2020 FTC Annual Report