Research and Education

The Martin Fisher Foundation is actively involved in HIV research and education.

The Research and Education Implementation Group was founded in 2018 and consists of members of the Martin Fisher Foundation, researchers from Brighton & Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex and the University of Brighton.

Chair is Professor Carrie Llewellyn, Professor of Applied Behavioural Science, University of Sussex and Co-Chair is Dr Jaime Vera, Consultant in HIV medicine at Brighton & Sussex University Trust, Senior Lecturer at Brighton & Sussex Medical School and Martin Fisher Foundation Trustee.

Areas of research:

  • Evaluation of the digital vending machine provision of HIV tests – read our paper!
  • Modification of HIV digital vending machines into Sexual Health vending machines
  • Opt out HIV testing in Primary Care
  • HIV and residential care settings
  • Understanding late diagnoses of HIV in people 50 years and older
  • Genome sequencing in HIV
  • HIV testing in the homeless population
  • EmERGE project


We have created educational videos to help people understand about HIV.